Like it or hate it, there’s not a single day when one doesn’t face a TikTok video. It could be forwarded by a friend, or it could be somebody’s WhatsApp status, or you might see it on a social platform.

In a short timeframe, this Chinese application has enlisted exponential growth, with its users expanding manifold. After acquiring, TikTok gain admittance to a more large crowd, and recently it managed to cross the 120 million imprint in India alone! With that sort of user base, the platform is undoubtedly hard to ignore if you’re a marketer/advertiser.

But how does one get the advantage of the TikTok growth? Furthermore, is it the correct decision for each brand out there? Let’s dive in and discover more.

Check your target audience.

Before you gesture your head and put the right amount of money on TikTok, you need to know the sort of users this platform pulls in. Be cautioned; it’s very not entirely the same as usual social media platforms. A large portion of those present on this platform are aged beneath 30, though this is rising.

In case you intend to put your cash on a TikTok influencer, consider the quality of followers they have and not merely the quantity of followers. Next, see how amazing the influencer is when it comes to the engagement part. An influencer with a large number of fans, yet no engagement isn’t the right horse to put your cash on.

Get the genre right

Study the platform to know what type of content takes a shot at it. Fashion, Casual, Trendy, and entertaining videos tend to perform better on TikTok. Have a strategy in place. Passing by existing users, genuine promotions probably won’t work in just as those with a scramble of humor. So play as needs be. Regardless of what you’re selling, make your advertisements look cool and youth-situated.

In case you’re a music organisation or an artist, TikTok is the perfect platform to show your ability. For example, brands like Niki, Gaana, and Tinder are doing extraordinary by collaborating with a bunch of influencers. That’s not all; FMCG brands like Colgate and Vicco had earned 2.3 million hearts because of content created by their influencers.

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Who should invest in TikTok

If your products are visually engaging and illustrative, TikTok is the ideal platform. Your campaigns should be relatable to youths or youthful twenty to thirty-year-olds. For example, the makers of Bala were able to garner a massive response by promoting the movie on TikTok.

Brands that have already got accomplishments in India on the ByteDance-owned app TikTok include Amazfit, Moov, Oppo, Vivo, Flipkart, Club Factory, Pepsico, and Bingo. Some rising names have also attempted their luck and succeeded: Dunzo, Bounce, dating app Tantan, Vigo, Meesho, and a few others.

So, if you have a brand in this genre, the odds are high that you will exceed expectations. That is if you can make quick yet straightforward videos with a dash of humor/funniness, and post with the right hashtags. That’s a sure-shot formula for getting successful on TikTok.

The takeaway

As TikTok is in a developing stage, there’s no right or wrong on this platform. Attempt different experiments and see what works for you. This could be the best platform for new businesses as the competition is considerably less compared to more prominent platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. But be quick as your competition is likely to be reading this too!