Everyone wants a job of their choice, which has money with comfort. What else could be better than working from home?

Many people wish to work from home, maybe because of that flexibility and freedom that comes along when you’re working at home with the whole structure. Focusing as a bigger picture, working from home, can attract you with multiple benefits like no wastage of travelling time, no risks of travel, less physical contact with public and infected areas. Not only this, but work from home will also reduce the chances of office quarrels, which will lead to peace of mind.

‘Beyond everything, making money from home sounds awesome’.

Blogging is one of the many ways that you can opt to earn online. In this blog post, I’ll take you through the whole process on how and why to choose ‘BLOG AS A CAREER’.

Friends, get ready, make yourself comfortable and grab a cup of coffee because this will be as interesting as it sounds.

Can Blogging be a Career?

Let’s get started by answering the question of whether it is realistic to choose Blogging as a career. To break the curiosity that might be in your mind, let me assure you that yes, it is possible and achievable; and even you can make good money from Blogging.

In my opinion, Blogging will be even more helpful in the next 50 years. But by that time, you’ll have to become stable in the market to shine out bright. Technology is improving every other day. Various types of work, including Blogging, is consequently becoming the talk of the town.

Since, from everything to everyone, is now available online, millions of people are making a massive amount of money from online business. However, Blogging requires commitment and consistency alongside smart work.
So yes, you can choose Blogging as your career anytime.

How can you start with Blogging?

How to start a blog

Before doing anything else, ensure that you have a hosted website. You might be wondering, ‘Which is the best website hosting company?’ The answer to the question is that it all depends on what all you have and what’s required. Some companies offer very cheap services, but you always have to remember what services you are looking at. Sometimes minimal services are below the required standard.

You can buy hosting from Bluehost, Hostgator, Dreamhost etc. as they offer quality services. Their support team is always ready to assist you in case you are stuck or need their help. Besides all, they provide affordable services. If you don’t know how to do it, I would advise you to get a freelancer from freelancing websites such as Upwork or Fiverr to do it for you.

 All that will be left for you is just writing and posting your blogs. You can also hire a content writer to write the content of your choice. In the beginning, I recommend you to start writing the content yourself. Later, you can hire content writers in the future when the workload is too much for you. 

There is no need to worry about how long it will take for the blog to start earning you a living. The good thing is that your blog will make good money for you. What you are supposed to do is follow the simple steps that recur for every blog post.

Let’s now dive into the core process of building up your career in Blogging. It goes without stating that in 2020, the process is even more accessible due to the availability of any required resources. 

If you have no idea what you need to create a professional blog, you can get someone to do it for you at a lower cost. I recommend you use Fiverr freelancers. They will get your tasks done instantly, depending on your suitable budget. It will cost you as little as $5, so I would say you should give it a try once. To access the Fiverr freelancers, you need to create a free account. After creating the Fiverr account, you can also make money by offering services to others, on the basis that you know. However, that probably can be a blog post for another day, always keep yourself keen to learn more.

Before you get started in Blogging, take your time to understand it completely and keep a note on the following things. By so doing, it will be easier to create your dream blog, and you can get things moving as expected.

  • Have clear reasons for Blogging
  • Select the preferred niche
  • Perform keyword research
  • Impart significant content
  • Write an original content
  • Proofread your blog post
  • Post the blog and share it on all social media platforms

Why do you want to start a blog?

Most people start blogging to make money online. But, just that might not work for many people. Even if money is important and can be made online by just posting useful content to your blog, I suggest don’t be after money when you are a beginner and want to run in a long race. Making good money by Blogging takes time and a lot of efforts. 

If you have that passion for writing and creating a blog, I’ll advise you, ‘Follow Your Passion’. As soon as you enjoy learning and writing more, you would be able to write quality content, and that will help you to connect with your audience. The more you connect with your target audience, the more traffic you’ll gain, which automatically means more money.


Select your most favourite niche

Blogging is about what you like the most; it will motivate you to do it more often and for a longer duration. You might think of or have heard that a specific niche is more profitable. It is good to go for most profitable niches, but as a beginner, I highly recommend you to start with something of your interest.

Work on keyword research

Before you even think of writing any blog post, make sure you have the correct keywords, related to what you want to write. I believe that no one can feel good when his/her blog post gets fewer readers. We all post content and hope it gets many readers. In the blogging field, the keyword means words that the audience tends to use when searching for information on the search engines. It can be a single word or a phrase. The phrase is known as a long-tail keyword.

There are Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools used to perform keyword research. Without the right keywords, the blog cannot get many readers. You need the SEO tools to get the rightful keywords for your blog posts.

Impart significant content

Whenever you’re blogging, you should have the reader in mind. The audience who can be from anywhere in the world needs great content. To get special attention in your piece of content, you need to put more information into your copy.

Always try to read, research, and then write it. Since you have read and researched all the related things, your mind would be able to perform well with quality content. Having more in-depth research on what you want to share with the world is one of the best blogging practices.

Write an original blog content

When you are choosing Blogging as a career, you need to make things original. Remember, even if it is your passion to start with, you will always need to get more and more traffic and of course money. It is harsh but true that you cannot get ranked by SEO with a copied blog content. Copying the content may lose the interest of your readers. Be a legit author, and you’ll be surprised to see your blog grow.

No plagiarism should be found in your content – make it 100% unique.

I know it’s never so easy, but give it a try and make writing a habit, then after some time, you’ll become used to it and would be able to write in flow, that too more frequently. The trick is reading more and accessing more information sources like watching YouTube videos, listening to podcasts, or reading the relevant articles etc.

Always check your blog post for plagiarism before making your post live. I recommend you to check some paid programs that can assist you in determining whether your content has any plagiarism. These paid programs are not expensive and hence won’t affect your pocket much.

Proofread your blog before publishing the content

While writing, you tend to make slight mistakes that you can correct during proofreading. Proofreading your content helps a lot in making it better. Make sure you always proofread and correct the errors accordingly.

I highly recommend you to use Grammarly to correct grammar and spelling errors. It’s free if you choose to work with the basic one. However, it is good to purchase ‘Grammarly Premium’. It will get you flawless content.

Blogging as a career means your blog should be professional. So, just make sure that there is not even a single spelling or grammar mistake.

Post the blog

After proofreading and making sure that everything is fine, you need to get it posted. Believe me; this is the most exciting stage of Blogging when the world reads your work. You’re sharing your content with your audience, sounds pretty nice!

It is, however, not easy, especially if you are new to Blogging. Remember, there are so many people doing the same thing that you’re doing. All you need to do is focus on your content keeping the preference of your audience in mind and get them updated with the new and relatable activities all the time.

Remember to link all your social media handles along with the icons at the bottom of your blog post and always make sure you share your post on all your social media platforms. It will let your audience reach you quickly and stay closer to you. Your friends and family members should be the first group of people to inform and to share your content piece. They can be your consistent primary audience.

You should always value all your audience. Try to respond to every query or comment that you get. While replying, try to avoid negative or misleading answers. Remember that you are putting all the effort to satisfy them.

What’s next!

You need to check whether your blog is reaching out to your readers and helping them. It will only be possible by knowing the number of visitors per day. There is a convenient tool from Google that will help you check your traffic easily. The tool is known as Google Analytics. This tool is so great and useful that you can hardly survive in the blogging field without it. 

Search for ‘Google Analytics‘ on the Google search engine. Then proceed with the first link to set up your account if you already have a live blog. You can also track if the audience is accessing your blog in a real-time. The process will let you know a lot of required details about your blog. 

At first, you may not get many viewers for your blog – but never lose hope. Keep writing and posting high-quality content. What should always be in your mind is ‘For blogging- Content is the king.’ By keeping your readers satisfied, you’ll succeed. However, you should not forget to get the correct keywords every time you’re composing a new blog.

Keep your blog updated

Keeping your blog up to date is one of the essential things that many bloggers usually forget. No one will be interested in reading outdated information. Make sure you keep your blog active with the latest information. Some data will never change, like the history of a person. On the other hand, most of the information needs to be updated.

The world is changing every single day, and people want to hear the current and latest piece of information. Recent information will help you to make your blog more consistent. It is always preferable if you add new information to the blog every other day. If that is not possible, make sure you feed your blog with content at least twice a week.

Monetize your blog

Since you are choosing Blogging as a career, at a particular time, you’ll need the blog to earn you some money. Blogging can make you stable that you won’t require any need of having another job. But initially, it requires a few investments too.

You cannot, however, monetize your blog after a short while from the time you started posting the content. By ‘a short while,’ I mean not less than three months. The blog should also have enough content before performing monetization.

Take advantage of the time before monetizing and keep posting quality content regularly. Improve your relationship with your audience by interacting with them. As you know, a happy customer is always a marketer of what you sell. In this case, it’s the information which the reader is most willing to read. The piece of content might be beneficial to them, and you should always offer it free of charge.

How to monetize your website

There are many ways to monetize your website. One of the commonly known is through ‘AdSense’. It is a google program that offers blog and website owners to register with them. After successful registration, google will be placing advertisements on your blog. When people click the adverts on your blog, you’ll get paid.

It means the more traffic to your blog, the more money you’ll make. You can also work with companies directly and place their adverts on your blog. In this case, the payment will depend on your agreement with the different companies. Unlike in the case of AdSense, you don’t necessarily need to have written many blog contents. However, it is highly recommended to have more information on your blog for the sake of drawing more traffic.

Later or sooner, you can also sell digital products online right from your blog such as eBooks, photos, videos, and software, etc.

Sharing is caring

In the end, I would request you to please share this blog post with your friends and family members on social media platforms. I would be happy if my efforts helped any of you there.

Wish you success in this wonderful career.