Most importantly, I admit that I am not an active user of LinkedIn. I use LinkedIn for simply growing my network which is; adding new people or sending new invitations or searching for opportunities when required. However, in the course of recent months, I have seen some extremely odd trends which have moved the concentration from the way in which Linkedin was made to work. So far as that is concerned, it may be fictional thought that exists in my mind. I would like to highlight these new trends which have fascinated me(Mohit Verma) somewhat:

New Fascinated Trends in LinkedIn

  • Trying to strike a friendship on LinkedIn for other than work needs:

Agreed that one may have common friends on LinkedIn and Facebook whom one would have known through school/college/years etc. That doesn’t give anyone leverage to send random invitations and start chatting as if they are long lost, friends. People add people on LinkedIn to grow their network, not to flirt. (Not saying that it isn’t possible… Just saying that this site is not meant for such stuff!)

  • Fake job providers/recruiters:

So nowadays many individuals have been sharing posts, for example, ‘Jobs available in XYZ organization. Please provide your mobile no. or share your profile so that we may connect with you, to which most of the replies are ‘Please view my profile’. Well, maybe it is REALLY a genuine job, but who is to tell? These days, people have started using Linkedin to either gain shabby publicity or to play with people’s sentiments by creating fake profiles and coming up with such posts.

  • Sharing of quotes:

When I see quotes like ‘Winning is a result of not giving up’ or ‘Failing doesn’t always mean the end of the road’, beyond any doubt I do get inspired and energized. But there is a limit to putting up quotes in the form of an update, each and every hour. Again, this is not Facebook. I would expect such urge to share each and everything in the form of quotes, only from someone who is an avid Facebook user.

  • Sharing of personal stuff with your contacts:

Mind you, this is not Facebook. I understand that you may highlight the achievements of your daughter/son which is fine. But going to the extent of putting up pouting selfies (taken in a bathroom) defeats the purpose of being on a professional site like LinkedIn. No hard feelings, but a simple fact!

So what LinkedIn should do in such cases? Team LinkedIn can keep a check on contacts who are regularly blocked/unfollowed by other users and arrive at the root cause analysis. They can also take action against fake profile creators who dupe people in terms of their data/private information as well as their mental peace.

LinkedIn acts as a great platform for beginners in their career. Misuse of this site will harm your repute and so use this platform wisely. It is not a matrimonial site for everybody to get ‘connected’!