Many people desire to be in happy, and meaningful relationships, but nowadays people are plaguing by taking things superficially. Everybody wants their relationship to last forever, but when it comes to understanding each other and to make the needful adjustments, no-one is ready ever. We usually get attracted and mesmerized by seeing other couples around, but working on ours gets much difficult when it comes to settlements.

Well, initially in every relationship the spark is excellent, the conversations are hot, and always on, however, it takes much more than just the attractive talks to continue the relationship.

If you always wonder if you have a healthy and long term relationship, here are the signs that can help you identify if you having one :

12 signs you are in a healthy relationship:

1. Make sure you have realistic expectations-

The ‘perfect partner’ doesn’t exist. It takes a lot of work to keep a relationship going! Healthy couples understand that the way into a long-lasting relationship is commitment, open – communication, understanding, and compromise.

2. Ensure to keep your relationship private-

It’s absolutely fine to go to close friends or family for relationship advice when you get into conflict with your partner. But you never know, making your problems public either you’re sharing with friends, family, or on social media, it becomes ‘passive-aggressive’ that can harm the trust you’ve built with your partner. Everybody needs a feeling of protection to have a sense of security, including relationships!

3. You communicate openly-

An extraordinary relationship begins with transparency. Do you feel like you could talk about anything with your partner? From personal needs to untouchable topics? Do both of you take the time to listen and feel for one another? Excellent communication includes different methods of conveying your feelings, that can be: deep conversations, concentrated listening, welcoming body language, or exchange the sings of love, etc.

4. Enjoy every time you spend together-

Whether you are on a dinner date or watching movies or celebrating festival together, you should enjoy spending time with your partner no matter what! A healthy relationship includes taking time out of your busy timetable to connect with your partner. It’s not a duty to perform, but a way for you to keep your relationship fresh.
You must have always dreamed of having someone with you when you’re trying to fulfil your wishes, so this is the time, complete all of your life goals with the partner you have and believe me this will give you and your relationship the next level of strength to face the challenges.

5. Never hold grudges-

The more you get to know your partner, the more you may get on each other’s nerves, which is extremely required. We all get a little upset more often depending on situations going around and end up with doing things unintentionally that can upset our partner. Always apologize for your every stupid or little mistake; you never know what might have affected your partner.
But if you’re another one who’s holding the grudges, even after they apologized sincerely, that can hurt your relationship in the long run. Be sure to talk things out then and there, instead of letting it go.

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6. Take time and space for yourself-

Being in a healthy relationship doesn’t mean you’re glued at the hip! It means that you two can have separate lives, interests and friends, etc. You’re always allowed to maintain your own sense of individuality without fearing that your partner is going to be jealous or angry. Having a life outside of a relationship is essential, and being a partner, you must understand and provide your partner with his/her space.

7. Discuss it more but don’t argue-

This might sound strange, but yes, discussions may have arguments; however, you need to understand the thin line between these two words. Always be open to discussions but not to the arguments. Arguing some of the time might be healthy in a relationship, but you should understand what can hurt your partner. Else, you’ll probably end up by simply bottling up your feelings and letting them change into bitterness. Couples who discuss well can turn the argument positive. Later, both parties can express their opinions while trying to understand where the other person is coming from. You need to know when to apologize or forgive if anyone of you is wrong. However, this point shouldn’t be confused with destructive fighting in which couples use aggressive behaviour and language to hurt each other when they disagree about an issue.

8. You get intimate-

Yes, sex is extremely beneficial in healthy relationships. Being sexually or romantically involved in the relationship is your choice, but if you include these into your relationship, it will give the heat to your relation. Maintaining a healthy relationship requires treating your partner with affection, quality time, gift-giving, or other forms of love language.

9. Be the best buddies-

Great couples share common interests, enjoy hanging out together and making each other laugh. Just like best friends, healthy couples can talk about anything and share their secrets with each other without fearing of judgement. It’s important to feel comfortable with your partner. Your friends may not be your relationship partner, but your relationship partner can always be your best friend.

10. Try to make each other better-

When you understand that you’ve known each other well and you’re there for each other then try to support and grow up together, healthy relationships consist of couples that love one another for who they are. Not who they want them to be, but if a little effort and understanding can make it better, then why not?

11. Trust each other-

Healthy couples can spend time away from each other, without worrying about where their partner is, or whom they’re with. Stalking a partner on social media, keeping a track on them, or asking constant updates develops the feeling of doubt. This will lead to trust issues which can harm your relation someday. Trust means respecting your partner’s decisions and feeling secure.

12.  Make decisions together-

Make your relationship that allows both individuals to have an equal say. When you’re sharing everything with your partner, there is a possibility that they would want to share his/her perspective. Take each other’s perspective that might help in better decision making.

In the end, I would like to add, compromise is key to a great bond.

Are you taking care of all these relationship things as mentioned above? Let me know in the comments below!